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Herd Sires


L-Diamond Sky Traveler 8F

“Sky” was purchased in Dam, he is the last naturally sired progeny of Harvie Traveler 69T.

Both his registered and commercial daughters are notable.

He is very easy fleshing, extremely quiet, good footed, deep bodied and wide topped.

He really does check all the boxes; including being red necked and pigment.

Stay tuned for future progeny features. 


Glenrose 4Y Connor 97C
Nick named “Redneck”

Redneck was our pick of Steven Prichards bull pen in 2016, he was sired by a new AI bull at that time “YouTube” and out of a beautiful older cow “Tia”. She had held great condition along with feet and udder quality. 

Redneck was used on our commercial simmental cows as well as the registered herd. He is extremely easy calving with very consistent birth weights. The calves come smooth and vigorous; his sons then becoming top bulls in the pen. 

his longevity and fertility has been impressive, in 2023 he finished that breeding season as an 8yr old bull. 


CHSF 32E Rancher 23H

Purchased from Chestermere polled Herefords as a yearling bull, he stood out in our eyes for his superior performance and frame size. The females out of his first calf crop stood out in size conformation and gentleness, they are dropping beautifully constructed udders coming into their first calving season. We are looking forward to their production in the herd. 


L-Diamond Archer 5F 

Archer was born long, with great pigment, and red to the ground! Factoring in his expectational performance, quiet demeanour, and fabulous Dam; we were not letting him go. He is used heavily on our commercial cows, being noted for his excellent feet, and travelling ability. His females are very attractive and dark cherry red  in colour. Making their mark in our herd for years to come. 


Critt Parker 66K 

Parker is an interesting outcross bull who was used on a select group of young cows for the 2023 breeding season. He is sired by the “SHF Horizon” Bull. Giving the opportunity for new genetics to be showcased in the herd. 


Rollyview 31F Jeff 64J

“Jeff” is used exclusively as a heifer bull, mating to purebred Hereford heifers the progeny are consistent with low birth weights, and very vigorous. He himself is moderate framed and easy traveling covering a considerable group of heifers. Watch for his first bull calf offering in 2025. 


OEE Mr Heart Throb 15H

(Nicknamed Ole)

Currently “Ole” is our only working Simmental herd sire, he is solely used on commercial Hereford influence cows. His pedigree represents Fleck Simmental genetics that have worked really well in our breeding program; being good footed and performance focused without sacrificing udder quality. His females are picked out for their good structure and performance. 

He is a well made stylish bull who moves very freely, maintains condition, and features excellent muscle expression. 

His pedigree includes Soloway Adonis, Ru-Bens Leader 25L, Riverbend Polaris, Great Guns Benz 73F. To list a few. 

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