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From our Farm to your Plate 

We are proud of our beef 

and how it is raised!

Currently taking orders for the 2025 season.
Butchering dates will be throughout Feb and March
Our Hereford and Hereford cross Simmental steers

grass fed and grain finished!

Offering quality and flavour you will enjoy at every meal!
To secure your order we require a non-refundable


How It Works

When steers are ready to be butchered we will book a processing date. Once we have the final Hot Hanging Weight

we will provide you with an invoice for the remaining balance of your order.
We charge $3.75 per lb of the carcass weight. The average Hot Hanging Weight for a half a beef is approx. 350 – 450lbs

(We prefer selling our beef as a whole or half to ensure that our customers are getting a wide variety of different cuts. Additionally it is the perfect way to fill your family’s freezer for the entire year!)
Once payment is received we will email you a custom cutting and wrapping form for you to fill out.

This ensures you are getting the exact cuts you want.

Always remember your order will be approx. 50% ground beef and 50% Cuts including steaks and roasts
Your half or whole beef order will hang for up to 21 days, then will be cut, wrapped, and frozen.
We will contact you when your order is ready to be picked up
At time of pickup you will pay the processor a cutting and wrapping fee of $1.10 per lb

as well as applicable slaughter fees (which are subject to change)
All beef is processed at a licensed, inspected, professional facility. (Lawrences Meat Packing Dawson Creek, B.C.)

We accept payments via E-transfer sent to email address

if prompted make the security password “Beef”
We also accept Cheques made payable to L Diamond Farm.


How much freezer space do I need for half a beef?

I often get asked, how big of a freezer do you need for a half a beef?

Using the rule that 35-40lbs of beef will fit into 1cubic ft you would then need at least a 12 cubic ft freezer to fit an average half of beef into.

 Is there a choice to include soup bones, scraps, heart, liver, or tongue
to my order? 

Yes! There is a list of check off options to include some or all of the following in your order.

What is the Hot Hanging weight?

We recieve the Hot Hanging Weight in pounds once the carcass is de-boned hung and weighed. 

Get in Touch

Bay Tree, Alberta 

Text/Call 780-864-8265

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Thanks for submitting! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

The possibilities are endless…

It’s easier and more delicious than ever to integrate nutrient dense beef into your day!

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