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Current Commercial Herd

Every spring we offer for sale quality Simmental and Simmental cross Polled Hereford replacement heifers.
They are bred for growth, longevity, and a calm disposition without sacrificing quality feet and udders.

Brief History on the beginning of our Simmental herd 

My Mom and Dad started their cow herd a little over 30 years ago. It was primarily Hereford influenced, with a couple Holstein cross cows brought in from grandpa's herd. Over the first few years they used Charolais, angus, and Hereford bulls. Favouring the Hereford bulls because of their docility. But still looking to add more pounds to the calves in the fall they bought their first Simmental bull (Rocky) in the spring of 85 from John Rauch of Sim-Roc Simmentals, in Rocky Mountain House.
That was the start of their love for Simmentals. Over the years they purchased Simmental bulls from Rite-a-way Simmentals, the Fraiser Girls, Glen Wyantt, OEE, and Flat Rock Valley, just to name a few. From these breeders we received bulls that produced incredible females who stood the test of time within the herd. Their decedents that make up the herd today continue to raise quality calves.
Breeding Hereford back into the herd was the most successful cross we have ever ran. We have been nothing but pleased with the combined growth and docility of the crossbred Hereford influence cattle.

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