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Private Treaty Long Yearling Bull Offering 

Hello and welcome to our sale page!

Here you will find info and pictures for each of the current bulls for sale.

More photos will be posted as they become available!

Our aim is to produce easy fleshing, calm disposition, well pigmented bulls,

with excellent feet, and great maternal backgrounds.
​Because of our May/June calving season we sell all bulls as long yearlings.
All weaned bulls are wintered over on oats and hay silage, and they go to grass the following summer. This way they get a chance to grow, and we sell a more mature bull who will go to work for you!

L-Diamond Kruz 2K

Kruz is a favourite in the pen, he was very easy to pick out as a calf and he has remained stylish to this day. His dam is a productive cow in the herd, she is stout, big middled and wide topped.

Being a “D” cow she has held her udder shape well.  She is very easy fleshing; always holding a high body condition score coming into spring.

I’d like to note that she is a quiet, easy to handle cow as well. 

Kruz himself is noted as being very easy moving, and a nice framed individual, he carries a good hind 1/4. And is also a pleasure to work with. He does posses very small scurs although recorded as smooth polled at birth. 

He has great calving ease built in his pedigree as well as in his length of body. His Sire has been a very successful bull for us, we have gotten many years of breeding out of him, as he finished out last years season as an 8yr old bull. We have decided to winter him again and he will likely receive a breeding herd again this year. That speaks of the great longevity built into this long yearling bull offered. 

L-Diamond Kapone 6K

Kapone is sired by our newest purchased bull “Rancher” from Chestermere Polled Herefords. He has been eye catching since birth; with his unique pigmentation and good calving ease we were also curious to see how he would develop. And he has not let us down! He is a very well balanced individual. Long bodied, nice hind 1/4, quiet temperament, big hipped. He will make a good herd bull that will get out and move!

his maternal half brother was sold to Spruce Lane Ranch and we have received nothing but good reports of his progeny’s growth as well as stylish replacement heifers!


L Diamond Kurt 7K

Kurt has the most unique personality of the group, being the very first bull up to the fence to greet you every morning.

As for describing his confirmation he is slightly more moderate framed than the rest of the group, but that didn’t affect his performance. He always carried a nice hind 1/4 and is very evenly proportioned throughout his body. He is recommended as a Herd sire with a BW of 98lbs. His Dam is VERY maternal but also very quiet towards us while tagging her calves. She held up a very correct udder structure as well. 

Kurt’s sire “Sky” is a very highly productive individual. His performance from birth to weaning is something to be noted in itself. Having a BW of 105lbs then weaning off his dam at 916lbs was incredibly impressive. And he is now used successfully on registered as well as commercial cows. His depth of body, easy fleshing ability, great foot structure, and gentleness are also traits worth mentioning.

L-Diamond Kodiak 10K

Kodiak! This bull is as long as a freight train! As is his sire! He has calving ease built in, as well as an 86lb BW you can be rest assured when adding this bull to your herd his calves should come nice and smooth. He also packs a maternal punch, keeping his daughters as replacements should be an easy decision; as both his dam and paternal grand dam are beautifully made cows. 

His dam is extremely quiet, very wide hipped, deep bodied, and well proportioned. Her picture describes her well. She is the easy keeping kind being noted annually with a high body condition score coming into each spring.

She has also given me good female replacements for my own registered herd. Kodiak’s sire was noted under 2K’s description for his longevity in our herd.